Thursday, January 27, 2011

PG Strike Freedom - 5th Stage Complete

1st stage was frame assembly.  2nd stage was frame painting.  3rd stage was wing assembly.  4th stage was basic painting and priming.  5th stage was armour application.

6th stage will be dis-assembly and painting.  7th stage will be decal/line work and I think that should be it.

This is my Perfect Grade Strike Freedom fully equipped.  There is nothing left in the box except for the stickers and decals.

I did do some custom painting on the head.  Couldn't just leave it as is.  Metallic grey, flat aluminum, gunmetal and the same gold I used on the frame.

I'm going to pack everything up except for the core suit itself, so that he looks just like this. He will be the Gundam that stays with me until the end and will be the first to enter into the next era of "Plamo Addiction".

A very enjoyable build experience! I was hoping for a bit more but it didn't disappoint me. Unfortunately... my wing fix couldn't support the full weight of the wings with the dragoons attached. It'll stay in place and not fall but it's not secure. Oh well. May have to do that ring fix after all. Even still the suit by itself is quite nice even if some of the proportions still throw me off a bit. I'm going to wait to try some different poses for it until I get back to Canada.  Last Gundam built in Japan.  Thank you PG Strike Freedom!