Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Post #500!

Is that a lot to do in 3 years of blogging?  I don't know.

To commemorate this special occasion here is a Gundam made of cardboard.

Here is the source. I personally think this thing is awesome.  I actually like the 'cardboard' colour scheme! haha


  1. Brilliant. Impressive. And probably way cheaper than a Perfect Grade ^_^

    And while the white-and-brown color scheme is nice, it need one more color to accentuate it...black, maybe?

  2. Congrats on the 500th post!

    I think that color would look nice, and actually refreshing, if transferred over to its plastic MG counterpart.

  3. Congrats BB, that's quite a milestone! Loving that cardboard Gundam, now to adapt it into a wearable costume...

    I've kinda been off the radar the past couple of weeks, reading back on your posts ALOT has happened in your life recently eh bud? Hope the move back to Canada goes smoothly, Japan will miss you i'm sure.

  4. Congrats man.

    And that cardboard is so good, the proportions aren't bad. I think a lighter tan would be perfect instead of cardboard brown.

  5. this cardboard freedom probably looks better than the horrid NG freedom and strike freedom kits.

  6. I remember this! Last I checked it cost 200yen or something to make this true Box Gundam.