Wednesday, January 26, 2011

PG Strike Freedom - Progress thus far: 5 - Armour Application

Because I've cut almost everything off the sprues already, putting the armour on has been a relatively painless process.

I did spray the blue and red panels on runner with primer, thus the grey tone. Left hip rail gun is in grey and right (it's left) is in white. Just ran out of primer and that's what I had left so... I actually like how this is starting to look with just the primer colours! Of course I'm not going to keep it like that but it's starting to shape up! I finished the wings as in I primed the Dragoons and painted the frame armour black and have the whole system assembled... It's really touchy! Hard to keep them locked into place. Just a nudge and they'll spring open! Blah.

Anyway I'm aiming to have this guy COMPLETELY assembled before I launch out on Tuesday.  And yes he's going IN the suitcase and I'm taking him with me, along with my airbrush and paints (I don't want to wait for him to be shipped back with the others.) I should be able to do it. I might be pushing things (everything) down to the wire but I think I can have it all done in time.


  1. Damn, what a way to end living in japan. I actually like the gray, white, dark blue/black, and gold color it has right now ^^;.

  2. me too actually! i'm thinking of just rolling with it and scrapping my old idea. I've kinda taken to it!