Thursday, June 30, 2011

Red Army

If you've been a reader here for any length of time you know the story behind these. No links to that. I'm going to leave that in the past where it belongs.

The crew is slowly coming out of their boxes. One Gundam, one shot! No retakes!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MG Titanium Finish RX-78-2 - Complete

It was a true joy to make this. Some of the nub marks were really terrible so I used what Gundam Markers I had to help make it look slightly better. I did a lot of work on the frame for this model and spent a lot of time on the little details. As I mentioned before this was a going away present from my volleyball team so I wanted to do it justice. Here are some pics.

Monday, June 27, 2011

MG Exia - WIP 4 - Shoulders

Let's just get right to it.

After I shaved the excess putty off, I hand sanded with 180 grit to get it down to the level I wanted it at.  In hindsight, I needed this to be flat so I should have used one of my files or sanding sticks.  My mistake.

I have a choice of two types of extra vent parts.  Wave or Kotobukiya.  I used the Kotobukiya ones for a similar mod with my Infinite Justice.  Because of the area I'm working with the Wave vents seemed like a better option.

I flat sanded the back of the vents and glued them in place using Tamiya Extra Thin Cement (basically the only cement I use now).  It doesn't fit exactly flush.  There is a slightly less than 0.5mm gap at the top of the vents.  So again, in hindsight, I should have either sanded the shoulders flat or attached the vents when the putty was still malleable and pushed it all the way down in order to leave no gaps.  I'll know better next time!  Either way... it's barely noticeable and it definitely passes my inspection.  At this point, mods to the shoulders are essentially completed.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

MG Exia - WIP 3 - Refining

This is where we were last time.

I decided to come back to this after working on and finishing a couple of smaller projects that I've yet to post about.  I kinda went through some **** last week but hopefully it will leave me more focused for what's coming up.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of posts recently... but I haven't been idle during that time.  Let's take a look.

After the hacking and cutting the edges were left a bit rough.

All the rough edges were fixed.  Either shaved or sanded down.

I love this type of work.  The refining.  I used 180 grit sandpaper to take it down and then my exacto knife to make sure the edges were up to my standards.  I'm happy with how it looks now.  Pics of the finished product to come later.

More cutting!

Putty to fill in the gaps and even out the surface.

I used a bit of the left over putty on the feet.  I'm probably going to have to add more to this later.  A little bit of putty goes a long way!  I just shaved off a couple of thin slices but it ended up being more than I needed so I was searching for ways to use it.  Then I remembered the feet.  More about that later.  Now it's just a waiting game.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Old friends

Since I have a bit more time than I thought to finish the GM Command I'm going to go back and finish something I should have done long ago.  I was working on this and then the earthquake hit and I just kinda forgot all about it...  Time to wrap it.  That's what this era is about.  Wrapping it up and finishing kits!

Monday, June 13, 2011

MG Shenlong - WIP 7 - Finished Painting

Old hockey stick and electrical tape.  This is my way.

PGSF hand is in there by accident.

Fangs?  These have got to go.  I cut them off.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

HGUC - GM Command

Something is coming for you!


I've spent a couple hours thinking about it. Which suit to use. Scheme. Story. Concept. Modifications. Specifications.

I decided to jump into this one first because the deadline is sooner than the PGSF GB. Beginning of August as opposed to the 1st of September. That said I hope to finish this before Canada Day which is July 1st. Yeah... ambitious. Where did that come from? I never could finish kits in a timely manner. Well that before.  And this is now.

Doing the MG Shenlong in under a month showed me that I could do it and now that I'm back in Canada and it's summer the game has changed. I find more things constantly in this place that help me with my modelling.  In fact my mom was nice enough to fix up my modelling station for me with some more equipment!

Also... I have a LOT of free time. That helps more than anything. Gonna enjoy this life and this time while I have it!  This is all transient.  It'll be over before I know it...  anyways...

Onward! Gundam Australia Forums - Ode to Cannon Fodder. Grunt Mobile Suit Group Build! Here we go!!!

Respect your tools

And they will serve you well.


This project is over.  Time to clean it up!  Thank you for all your hard work!  *bows*

This is why I love airbrushing.  One whole kit and tons of leftover paint.  Trying to be economical here!  Clear Green exploded over the Pacific Ocean.

New project so it's time to dismantle this bad boy for cleaning.  Onward!

And now for the purification process.

Friday, June 10, 2011

MG Shenlong - WIP 6 - Greens

Preface? Unnecessary.

This was fun.  The model is simple enough so that it doesn't feel very daunting.

3 types of green

Had some tone trouble.  Matching parts weren't sprayed exactly the same.  I would need to go back and correct it again later.  Kinda got held up with that otherwise I would have been done sooner.

Simple enough.  Can't believe how much fun I'm having. This is what it's all about!  Watching these things come alive!