Saturday, June 11, 2011

HGUC - GM Command

Something is coming for you!


I've spent a couple hours thinking about it. Which suit to use. Scheme. Story. Concept. Modifications. Specifications.

I decided to jump into this one first because the deadline is sooner than the PGSF GB. Beginning of August as opposed to the 1st of September. That said I hope to finish this before Canada Day which is July 1st. Yeah... ambitious. Where did that come from? I never could finish kits in a timely manner. Well that before.  And this is now.

Doing the MG Shenlong in under a month showed me that I could do it and now that I'm back in Canada and it's summer the game has changed. I find more things constantly in this place that help me with my modelling.  In fact my mom was nice enough to fix up my modelling station for me with some more equipment!

Also... I have a LOT of free time. That helps more than anything. Gonna enjoy this life and this time while I have it!  This is all transient.  It'll be over before I know it...  anyways...

Onward! Gundam Australia Forums - Ode to Cannon Fodder. Grunt Mobile Suit Group Build! Here we go!!!