Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MGIJ WIP 8 - Shoulder modification: Section 2

Got a bit distracted because Splinter Cell: Conviction came in the mail (brilliant game btw) and I bought a lot of energy bars to prepare for the malnutrition that I was about to subject myself to by playing the same for too long.

At the bottom you can see some Kotobukiya "vents" that I bought.  There are called "nozzles" on the package though.

Closer look.  Many sizes to choose from.

Decided to go for the double nozzle.

Wanted to close up the holes on the underside as well even though they won't be seen.  I do a lot things just on principle.  If this were a real machine it wouldn't be left like that.

Sanded and primed.  While I was waiting for it to dry I ate.

Sorry old boy it's going to be a bit longer for your arms.

Thai Green Curry with some cheap 発泡酒 Yeah I'll drink that stuff too. I like my beer, don't get me wrong but... Seriously. It's cheap as ****.

I wasn't prepared for the level of spiciness that is Thai Green Curry. I needed another drink.  Red Frame approves.  Don't ask me where I got the HUB glass because it's a story I'm not very proud of.

Primed.  I will accept this result.

Sprayed metallic black later which you've all already seen.