Friday, May 14, 2010

1/100 F-91 Gundam

Got this from a friend today.  So random!

This thing is coming at a very strange time. The girl that gave it to me has a boyfriend (Japanese guy) who was into Gundam when he was younger. He told me that he only likes the orginal Gundam and that he used to make 'plamo' when he was younger. He was thinking to try it again now but said that he didn't want to spend money on that stuff again. So I bought him the HG G-30 Gundam so he could try it and not worry about the money. I'm sure he hasn't built it yet. (I gave it to him in January.)

Anyway this really came out of nowhere. I don't remember mentioning F-91 to him at all but I guess he was out travelling and saw this and thought that I'd like it so he picked it up.

Here's the weird thing. I recently met a Japanese girl who's into nail art and we started talking about paints and top coat and pearl effect powder and blahblahblah. She said she didn't know how intense Gundam was and that she'd like to try making one since she'd watched some Gundam shows with her two brothers when she was growing up and she was into the idea of painting it with some of her nail art supplies. She can also sing the theme song to F-91 and she said that that's the Gundam she'd probably try and make since she has good memories of it from her childhood.

A couple of days later I have the model HANDED to me randomly at work. WTF.