Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Q&DWIP 4 - HG Astraea Type-F: Alternate Configuration

Thanks for all of your comments on the colour scheme everyone. Take a look at this set up and see how it compares. After seeing it with the Exia parts on I have to say that I like it a bit more and will probably just remove a lot of the white and give it an 'Aqua' look. I currently have it displayed in my room like this so I'm think I'm just going to clean this up, repaint in the same colours and detail it. Man there are so many things you can do with this kit! I removed the Exia shoulder and the 2x beam sabres and traded them in for the GN Short and Long swords on the hips. Each hip can hold two weapons now! That four all together. Man it's just too strong! Love this thing. Take a look.

Strange. I actually want to work on this a bit more than MGIJ but... priorities! I suppose I can just continue doing what I've been doing so far and just work on multiple kits at once.