Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!!


Murasame was something I picked up in Tokyo when I visited ASM and Gaigun.

The Federation MS/MA dictionary was a gift from a friend.

1.5 Gundam was a gift to myself as it was released exactly on my birthday. Today.  Bought some 0.5 Pla-plate and a metallic purple Gundam marker for it.

Zaku Warrior is a gift to my friend that I mentioned before who likes F-91 and wanted to try building a Gundam.  She choose that and the Nadleeh because they're the most girly.  Actually I suggested them to her because she's quite girly herself and I didn't think anything else would really suit her.   Not to mention that the sheer number of Gundams would intimidate anyone and turn them off of the hobby. She went for the Zaku for obvious reasons but she really liked the Nadleeh too because of the 'hair'.  I may build that one for her but she's going to do the Zaku herself and if she enjoys the experience she'll do the Nadleeh after that.

Yeah I know what you're thinking.  Two girls, two Zaku's.  What can I say... I'm converting the planet one female at a time.  I'm doing my part!  What are YOU doing to get girls into Gundam?! haha

I should mention that I don't let these women pay for the Gundams of course.  They want to but I insist on buying them their first one, and more than likely, their last.  Just a matter of principle I guess.