Thursday, May 27, 2010

Musha Mark 2 - Get

Yeah we all knew this was coming. I've picked up a lot of kits this month and I still have one more to get for a project that I think only ASM and Gaigun know about (I mentioned it in passing when we met a couple of weeks back). That and one more Macross kit.

After that... I think I'm done. I can't imagine anything that I really want coming out for the next little while. The only thing that would bring me back to the table is HGUC Delta Plus and Jesta. That's it. And I have a long time before the Delta Plus is going to see the light of day. Probably the fall. And Jesta... who knows about that. There's a long time between now and then.

So that's it guys. Sorry but no new kits for me for some time. No more distractions. Just making models from now on. Not buying anymore. Well two more but there's no rush to get those so I'm just going to shop around and look at prices.

Now this Musha... I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it entirely. Build it first and then let it sit and I'll let some ideas marinate in my mind for a while and then take some action on it.

I'm not sure what project I should be working on right now as I'm making good progress on my MGIJ and the 1/100 F-91. I don't know. I'll probably be switching off between projects in the next couple weeks but I guarantee there will be a lot of WIP related things coming up soon.

All that aside... I'm so ready to sink my teeth into this thing. This is the Gundam I've basically been waiting for ever since I found what a Gundam was.

The Black Samurai Gundam. Everything I ever wanted in a MS. Not to mention that it's based off of my favourite Gundam ever.

This would be a great project for me to retire on. But I'm never going to retire. I think we all know that.