Monday, May 24, 2010

MGIJ WIP 9 - Organization / Prep for painting

But before that, gotta eat. Thai yellow curry this time. Chop up yellow pepper and some tofu. I save the seeds and plant them on the balcony later.

Horrible pour on that beer there but whatever.  I let it sit for a while and drink from the can while it settles down.  Yellow curry was much sweeter and milder than the green.  Much more manageable.  But a bit too mild I think.  I need a bit more of an 'edge'.  I'll try red next and see how that goes.
Regular dinner guest.  What a mess my table is.

Picked up this plastic tool box from the 100 yen shop.

Thats's better!

This might seem like a pointless post but I do want to underscore something with it. Organization is important and can definitely help your work flow and painting process. I organized everything by the colour that I wanted to paint them and it helped me speed up the painting process. Not to mention there's less of a chance for things to get lost. I want to thank two people in particular for this idea. DC23 and Ngee Khiong. Their organization skills really inspired me.

How about you guys? Would you say that you workspace/projects are quite organized or are they all over the place?