Saturday, May 8, 2010

Q&DWIP 2 - HG Astraea Type-F: Runners

First taking a look at the runners... As I mentioned before there are only 2 original runners. This is one of them.

I decided that I was just going to prime and spray the parts on the runners so I can get rid of the red quick.  This runner I sprayed "Gunmetal".  I didn't prime it because I don't mind the tan base colour.  It won't really show up through the gunmetal.

As you can see this runner comes with 4 different colours of parts.

So I ended up doing something like this to make the recolour easier.
Of course I separated all of them.  Gray>Light Gunmetal, Red>White, Dark Red>Metallic Blue. Green clear parts I left as is.  I primed the Dark Red/Red parts.

Same deal here.
This one I primed and sprayed Metallic Blue.
The other panels not pictured here I primed and sprayed the new colour I picked up, Metallic Blue-Green.
I'll post the results later.