Friday, April 23, 2010

Q&DWIP 1 - HG Astraea Type-F

I said I was going to get so I went and got it. No second guessing myself this and no thinking about the consequences and how many other kits I have. I used a 1000 yen gift certificate to get the primer, paint and stand for free. The paint is Mr. Color #57 Metallic Blue Green. I decided to pick up a colour that I don't have while I'm at it.

Q&DWIP - Quick and Dirty Work In Progress. That's right. I'm just going to power blast this and get it done as quickly as I can. Which means I'm going to work on it everyday no matter what. No matter how small a section, I'm going to work on this everyday if I'm home. I'm not planning on doing too much with it but I have standards and I want it to look good but I want it done fast because I want to play with it. Simple as that.

More on the process later.

One interesting thing I've noticed about this kit is that there are only two original runners. The Astraea armour and the runner for the new weapons, which is labeled as "00 Weapons Set" meaning that if you're inclined to do so you can order an extra set of weapons by just ordering the one panel. That's cheap to do. All of the weapons are on that runner excluding the Prototype GN Sword, GN Beam Rifle and GN launcher which are specific to the Astraea runner.

The rest of the kit is Exia parts which means it comes with the short and long swords, plus Exia's own GN sword but I'm not sure if all the parts are there to assemble this pistol section of the sword as well. More on that later. This kit comes with five beam sabers. 1 with a blade built in, 2 beam saber effect parts. I'm sure a lot of you have extra beam saber effect parts laying around if you wanted to get all 5 going for some reason.

This kit also comes with the parts to make the Type-F2 version if you're inclined to build that one instead. I'm still on the fence about that. It looks like the Type-F version can actually hold more weapons because of the absence of GN Condensers on the legs.

That's all for now. Get ready for some heat!!!

*edit - Exia pistol parts are included*