Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Originally uploaded by Busterbeam
Flickr's being a pain in the butt recently so I haven't been uploading stuff as of late. The 'uploader' program screws up on me constantly, freezing during mid-upload, and it seems to upload pictures randomly and not in any set order making it a pain to figure out which ones it uploaded and which ones it didn't.

It seems kind of silly to keep paying for a service that doesn't even work that great. But that said... they've got me locked in as all of my galleries link to my Flickr photo sets which are no longer available because I decided not to pay when I was supposed to. I can re-open them again but I feel that they may have me by the balls on this one. Granted it's only 20 bucks a year but I'm just going to keep paying for that indefinitely? Don't see a good way around it right now so I might just suck it up until I can figure something out.

Anyway, here's a small pic drop. I'll try and do the rest a bit later.