Thursday, April 15, 2010

MGIJ WIP 5 - Beam effect part recolour

My first time to attempt this. The pink beam effect parts will look out of place with my new colour scheme so I'm changing them.

First used the last of my Tamiya Gray Primer on them.

The white 1000 Mr. Surfacer I was used initially was too thin and the pink was showing through. Can't have that contaminating my colours. I did it with Grey Primer again after.

After I saw the mold lines I decided to shave them off and make the blades smoother. I initially tried sanding the parts but... I didn't want to ruin some of the detail and wanted to keep it smooth.

It was fine. The primer did a decent enough job.
After this I covered them again in Mr. Base White 1000 (much better than the Mr. Surfacer in my opinion!) because I didn't want the grey throwing my colours off.

I tried making a mix of clear green and silver because I wanted a bit of shine/reflection but it didn't look right. Naturally I jammed up my airbrush in the process. >_>

Base White again then I sprayed them clear green later and it looks okay but... I'm not sure how it's going to look in the end and if it will match the way I want it too. I might do a light wet sanding job and then respray them to make them pop a bit more. The paint seems a bit uneven right now and too dark in some places. I was going for a kind a gradation effect starting light at where the beam connects to the emitter and darker near the middle or end of the blade.

Has anyone seem beam effect parts painted well? And I don't mean just paint clear red on top of pink. I'm talking about changing the colour. Like from pink to blue or something. I've never seen it done before. At least I've never seen it done in a way that I liked.

Something like what Keita did here is nice.

How do you think he did that? White, pink, gloss coat? Is his airbrush work really fine or is it just the lighting? I can't tell. Also I think it's much easier when you're doing this type of the stuff with colours in relatively the same spectrum. Blue to green for example must be easier than blue to orange. Red to pink probably isn't that tough and wouldn't screw things up too much. I don't get how it's possible to do a clear coloured part recolour but still keep the transparency/translucence.

My result came out close to this on the regular beam sabers but I couldn't replicate it for the leg and FATUM beam blades. Not sure what I did wrong... I think the key might be to use really thin paint as I painted the beam saber blades as my paint was running out...