Sunday, April 11, 2010

MGIJ WIP 3 - Mischievous PC parts / New saw

While stripping the armour off for painting I found that I was really struggling to get the upper arm armour off. It absolutely would not come off! I didn't want to force the issue and cause more damage so I did what any frustrated Gunplar would. I cut the damned thing off. I made vertical cuts on either side and cracked it like a nut. I realized that the PC part that connects the arm to the shoulder was sticking up just enough to prevent the armour from sliding off.

I pushed the PC part in a bit more on the other arm and the armour slide off nicely... No cutting necessary.

I made this blog to chronicle my experiences with this hobby, both good and bad. This was an elementary oversight and I hope that some of you will now be made aware of this and avoid making this mistake yourselves in the future.

When you're removing armour, check the placement of the PC parts before you pick up the the saw.

*end public service announcement*

That aside, the mini saws/etchers I picked up recently, worked excellently. Totally worth the 280 yen I paid for them.