Saturday, April 3, 2010

MG Infinite Justice WIP - Preface

I'm suspending all my other projects now to work on this. Actually I'm cutting out the GM Quel when I feel like doing less creative things and just need to shut my brain down for a bit or when I'm waiting for the paint to dry.

First thing is I have to find the damn model. I often pack my unfinished models away but I have so many Gundam boxes that I lose track of where what is.

I found it this plastic bag. Everything except for the torso which was in another place

Found everything EXCEPT for the small piece that keeps the V-Fin in place... Of all the pieces to lose... I have to lose one that small.

I need that piece so... commence the cleanup... of EVERY Gundam part that I have... which is substantial.

Everything was quite scattered around in a bunch of different boxes. I have a lot of models sitting in hibernation right now. A lot of accessories, weapons, hands, extra PC parts, extra everything it seems.

I organized it into some different categories then placed them into their own bags. Models, weapons and hands, PC parts, extra parts, accesories, and display stand parts.

Lotta PC parts. And this is with most of the unnecessary runner parts snipped off!

It took some time but I guess I was just driven. I didn't quite feel like myself. More focused than usual.

Just kinda zoned out and organized while listening to music. I get that way at night sometimes. This was around 2am.

I cut parts off of runners and threw the runners away to save on space.

I went through a lot of plastic.

What am I going to do with all these guys?

And after all of that I STILL didn't find the one piece I was looking for!

Packed everything up and decided that I'd just have to make another one...

And then...

There it was. Sitting on my handkerchief. I don't know how or when I got there. I don't really care but I'm glad it decided to show up!

So he's back to combat readiness again and waiting for his upgrade.