Monday, April 26, 2010

Seed vs. Astray - Van/Amatsu/Savior

This is the nail in the coffin.  I officially think this series is a silly waste of time.

A backpack on top of a backpack?  And does it transform and if it does how ridiculous does that look?  What's next?  A Sword/Launcher Striker Pack on top of all this!?

Well that actually looks cool but that's not the point!

I don't think there's one design that I liked from this series even though I know a lot of people like the Nix Providence Gundam I personally think it's ugly.  Not to mention those "Beast Astray" things...

I don't know who the designer is for this stuff but it's starting to make me think that it's just some hack who was told by Bandai "We want an original design but we want you to use only the parts that we've already designed so just mix and match them together."  Lame.

I'm angry about this.  I love the Savior Gundam.  It's one of my favourite Gundams ever and I hate seeing this crap being done to it.

Sorry if I offend anyone with this post but I just can't let this one slide.  This is horrible.  Bandai shouldn't have wasted their time and resources on this crap.  They'd have been better off putting those resources in one original design from the X or W series.  This type of crap can get made (at the very least designed) but an HG Tallgeese gets shelved for a decade?  Ugh.