Sunday, April 4, 2010

HGUC - GM Quel

I got this done pretty quickly. I pretty much put it all together either while I was waiting for paint to dry or while I was watching Wrestlemania.
It's really simple... I think I could have done it without the instruction manual. Armament is quite light. Standard beam rifle, beam saber, shield. That's it. Totally basic.

Nothing too special to say about this. Articulation is about what you'd expect from a cheap model of a low rank mass produced MS. I wasn't expecting much but it was worth it for the price since I'm a fan of the suit.

One thing I will say about this is that I think the Quel/GM Custom head is my favourite of all MS. Very simple but I think it looks really cool and is totally fuctional. If you think about it... why do Gundam's have two eyes? What's the practical purpose of that for a machine? And why does it have a chin? And if you look carefully a lot of them actually have two line mustaches.

Take a look at the Unicorn's face.

Why does it have that moustache? It's face gets hot so it needs a vent?
So anyway the GM Quel is one of my favourite suits because of it's simplicity and it's design. Very basic and functional. I like everything about it. Reminds me so much of the Jesta now that I think about it, of course much simpler.
I'm probably going to be doing some simultaneous work on this and the Advanced Hazel when the time comes but for now I like having this guy around just as is. To remind me that not everything needs to epic and massive and have huge wings and massive cannons. Simplicity also has it's own beauty.