Friday, April 2, 2010

New Purchases

I know what you're going to say and I don't want to hear it. No. I cannot be stopped. I will not stop. I don't want to stop. Not really...

Starting from this month I'm going to have a LOT more free time so I'm expecting that I'm going to start making some pretty intense stuff in the next couple months. I like Gundam. And it's what I want to spend my money on. Hell these models cost less than 2000 yen! That's like 2 pints of Guiness at some of the over priced British pubs around here.

Truth to be told, these are actually "revenge" purchases. The Quel was something that I've always wanted, especially after I got the Advanced Hazel and I saw how similar it was to the basic Quel design. I wanted to get both ends of the design spectrum so to speak. It was a model that I couldn't find at any of the places near me and I finally found it on the other side of the country when I was vacationing in Fukuoka, Kyushuu and saw it at a Toys 'R' Us there. I didn't want to carry it around so I decided to let it go, hoping that I'd come across it later.

Similar story with the Mass Production Type Bawoo. Saw it in Toyohashi when I was working with NHK. Didn't buy it for the same reason. Didn't want to carry it around.

The etching tool/saw was something that I saw in Yodobashi Camera when I was in Tokyo last year this time. I'm not sure why I passed it up but I regretted it later. I picked it up at the same place this time when I was there last week.

The spikes were something I thought I'd get for my Zaku project. I really wanted AM metal spikes but the price! There were more expensive than the cost of either model! So I went for the cheaper plastic alternative.

So in the end... When I initially saw these models I held back but they stayed in my mind as something that I missed out on because I just didn't see them anywhere else after. I went to Yodobashi Camera with the intention of finding these two models and I did. I'm pleased. No more regrets.

I couldn't help but think of Gundam Guy as I bought these as he picked up the same ones. Granted he went for the prototype Bawoo (which has that cool flying dragon kanji decal) but after comparing both models I realized that there is absolutely NO difference between the two outside of the colour and decals.

Probably going to build them soon but who knows when the 'real' work is going to start on them.