Thursday, April 22, 2010

HG Astraea Type F - Released

One word for you.  STACKED.

This thing has got so many weapons that it's ridiculous.  It even comes with Exia's arsenal!  Check it out here.

I'm buying this.  Just because I want to play with it.  I don't care so much about making it look pretty.  I want to play with this thing.  I might do a quick and dirty recolour job so I don't have to look at that red but I won't be doing much else.  Haha I say that now.  Like I could stop myself.  Whatever.  I'm getting it and I'm going to see where it takes me but I'm seriously going to try and finish this one FAST.  I don't want too much of a distraction from the Infinite Justice Project but I must have this.  I've always liked the Astraea design and I like the fact that the Type F comes with a mask.

Oh boy...  And here I was trying to cut down.  Damn it just too many cool things coming out now!