Saturday, March 5, 2011

The one I'm happy to do.

Someone on my facebook page said "want to see the one you happy to do..."  about the preceding post.

This is the Gundam I'm happy to do.  Titanium Finish MG RX-78-2 V.2.0

I truly think I am addicted to Gundams sometimes.  While at the same time feeling like "I'm the guy who used to build Gundams".  Now I'm the guy who "makes" Gundams.

I have NO backlog.  Everything is built.  This MG is the last one and then finally everything is built.  And all I have to do for that is the armour now.

Yes I'm going to take my time with this because this is the one I love.  This was a GIFT from my volleyball team and I'm going to make it worthy of them!  That means "time" and "patience"... And my favourite thing... Meticulousness.

No I'm not done but I'm working on it. Just taking my time. Nothing more to build! It's nice actually. I can actually focus on making one of these things as great as I want it to be. SO looking forward to the "Mark 2 Project".

Happy to do Gundams. As it should be.