Monday, March 7, 2011

MG Deathscythe - Modifications

Even though the pictures are there to spell it all out I did, and occasionally still do, find some of this stuff confusing.  Take a look.  At the top it shows some masking procedures for painting the face vents.  Who has time to do all that masking for parts that small?!  Why not just hand paint it?  Is it not easier?  I don't know... It all seemed a little extreme to me for a couple of small parts.  That could just be my hand painting bias talking though.  Just seems so time consuming and wasteful.

But now here's the confusing part.  On this page it shows that the face vents are already yellow parts that are added in separately.  So which is it?  White or yellow?  I really don't know.
Here too.  Check out this work on the scythe.  What is the point of just puttying up that ONE hollow section.  Why not do the whole thing?  As far as the other mods in this pic... I really have no idea why he's doing it.  Apparently the flat crotch section just bothered him and he wanted to push it out more? Which is funny because I always want to do the opposite.  I also thought that it's interesting how the Japanese modelers call the front crotch section a "Fundoshi".  Didn't know that!

I love the work these guys do yet... it's one thing to know HOW but it's entirely another to know WHY.

All images courtesy of G.G.