Thursday, March 3, 2011

Top 5 kits you want to see me do.

I started this poll nearly a year ago and finally here are the results.

Runner's up: FG Rasiel w/GN Sefer & HG 0 Gundam w/XN Raiser
I never did get a shot of it with the FG GN Sefer attached to it.
 Always wanted to do it like this though.
Granted this is with heavy joint mods, extra parts from the Nadleeh and 3 full Sefer kits but you get the idea.

I painted this to be partners with the HG G30 Gundam.  Still not completely finished yet but basically there.
5.  MG Zplus C1
Planning on doing a familiar repaint for this while also doing something very much NOT like me at all.

4.  PG Zeta, 3.  PG Red Frame, 2.  PG Strike 
(I might as well just complete the set and do the Mark 2 as well)
I started work on the Red Frame and Strike but I'm not completely done with those either.  Still need a couple more touch ups.  Zeta and Mark 2... well I've been thinking about what to do with them for years.  Still haven't settled on anything.
And the WINNER...

1.  MG Exia
An X-Mas present from my ex along with the Zplus C1 (coincidence that they're both in the top 5? You be the judge.) I'm planning on painting them BOTH in matching colour schemes (I like all my mechs to have matching "partners")  I mentioned on my facebook page what I'm planning on doing to this so that will give you a clue to my plans for the Zpluc C1 as well.  Only a handful of you may remember though!

Here are the numbers:

FG Rasiel w/GN Sefer
  17 (10%)
FG Unicorn Display Base
  11 (6%)
HG Zeong
  9 (5%)
HG GM Command
  7 (4%)
HG Powered GM
  11 (6%)
HG Gouf Flight Type
  6 (3%)
HG Hi-Zaku
  6 (3%)
HG 30th A. RX-78-2
  11 (6%)
HG M.P. Guncannon
  9 (5%)
HG Advanced Hazel
  11 (6%)
HG Aegis
  6 (3%)
HG Justice
  6 (3%)
HG Savior
  13 (7%)
HG Infinite Justice
  12 (7%)
  13 (7%)
HG 0 Gundam w/XN Raiser
  18 (10%)
15th A. Super Valkyrie
  12 (7%)
NG S-Gundam
  13 (7%)
1/100 Blue Frame 2nd L
  15 (9%)
MG Zplus C1
  20 (12%)
MG Exia
  38 (22%)
PG Zeta
  23 (13%)
  14 (8%)
PG Strike
  32 (19%)
PG Red Frame
  29 (17%) 

Let me end with a couple pics from the old days, before a PG Red Frame was even a thought.

*sigh* Those were the days! Before I even considered panel lining never mind painting.  It certainly was a different time.  Addicted to Gundams yes but... not nearly as pronounced as I am now.  Ah youth!