Saturday, January 8, 2011

HG Nobel Gundam

Welcome to the family.


  1. ARRRRRGGGHH!!! You have a Nobel Already?!

    I'd rage in seething jealousy, but I'm happy for ya nonetheless. much you want to bet that someone out there buys 5 of these then repaints them into Sailor Senshi customs?


  3. Think I can get a scan of the plates page of the manual?


    @_@ long ago was this?! Geez, that was quick...

  5. Wow, it's armed with a bazooka... I guess the saying is "Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee."

  6. what i am planning to do

    Maid Gundam, anyone? lets say, time stopping, knife throwing Maid Gundam?

    if you know Touhou, you know what am i planning to do :D

  7. I can't wait to see all the repaints of this kit! It's gonna be awesome; so awesome, HobbyJapan'll probably have some covers on the best customs.

  8. Aw she's a sweetheart. Nice touch with the shiny 'zook.

  9. many shops are already sold out of her, it's ridiculous. I expect there'll be TONS more mods and repaints of her than the Bearguy.

    Way back when, Bandai did release a protoype of the Nobel as a Master Grade (along with Maxter & Dragon) in a plamo convention that was never released commercially. I can only hope that since a MG Nobel was part of the vote list of Gunpla somewhere in the top 30, that we may see one of her eventually.

    That said, here's a few thoughts on what Bandai could implement in a Nobel Master Grade (yeah, like Bandai'll actually read this):

    - Please don't for the love of Haruhi, please DO NOT use the old Fighting Action Frame for her. It's antiquated for a reason.

    - Design her hair into multiple segments so it doesn't get in the way of her limbs so much when posing, as well as add more posing possibilities. Ditto for her 'sideburns' & so you can split her hair for...

    - BERSERKER MODE! Make it happen! Even if you need to swap only the face for it!

    - Maybe have 6-8 different hands. Even using the MG Wing-esque swappable finger hands will do. Seriously, any GGundam kit that doesn't come with many weapons or martial arts-based mecha should come with multiple posed hands.

    - Segmented beam ribbons designed similarly like the MG Gouf 2.0's heat rod, only made more flat and way longer (at least 4-5 times longer!)and have clear parts. Is clear PE plastic material even possible? Hm...

    - Beam Hoops!! Maybe these could be made of the same material as the HG Beam Ribbons.

    - An extra clear orange splayed right hand for posing with the God Gundam...DOUBLE GOD FIIIIINGEEEEEEEEEERRR!!

  10. I dun believe it's out already! Still waiting for it to be launched here so that I can get my hands on her :)

  11. citrus - id check gundam guy or dalong for those

    ckai - i think that person used the GFF version for the recolours. thanks for you comments. unfortunately i havent watched g gundam so i dont know the details of what you're saying! haha

    i agree that the hair could use some work. i'm thinking of how to fix that myself.

    zoi - maid! wow! I dont know touhou but a maid version does sound interesting.