Sunday, January 2, 2011

Exit Strategy 1 - Posters

I hate this part. Pulling up the roots. Packing up.

First I start by making myself feel 'uncomfortable'. In this case it's making my room feel like it isn't my room anymore. So all the posters come down. The place already feels colder.

However... I'm kind of glad to have a semi-normal room now. One that isn't completed infested with Gundam related things. Infest... Saturated? Maybe that's a better term.

Next step is to remove the HG's on display. VF-27 is going to come down as well. All PG's stay out until the PGSF is done. New poses for everyone to prepare for the ending. Time to switch it all up.

OWY, Impulse, Musha, Red Frames and the PG's.  That's all.  They rest get prepped for transport.

End of an era!  But it's gotta be done.  May have more posts than usual this month.  Paradigm shift, new habits, new patterns.  Why not.