Monday, January 10, 2011

Proportions / Anatomy

MatX posted a very interesting article on his blog and I'm glad I read it.

As someone who's also dabbled in comic book art myself I'm very familiar with "anatomy" and "proportion" study.  I mean my other blog is almost all about anatomy.

Nobel ponders whilst holding the head of a Quel.
It may not be totally relevant to a lot of you but we do throw around words like; "posability" (which may or may not be a real word but I advocate that it should be henceforth) "proportion" and "articulation" in this hobby and a lot of that stems from our intuitive understanding of human anatomy.

Gundams are made in humans image (obviously) and it's hard to not notice that.  It might be one of the reasons why we like them so much.  Or why some prefer more non-humanoid, monster like mechs.

I guess that might be why I like the Nobel Gundam so much.  I always think of my Gundams as having "personalities" of their own after I build them but the Nobel Gundam's design allows it a certain level of "expression" that other Gundams just don't have.  It's for this reason that I will probably continue to feature her in many pictures for this blog.  She's just the best communicator in her class (1/144).
Of course her proportions aren't correct either (head to height is fine, as in human, but leg to torso is... haha) but this happens so often with women (models) that it's almost standard practice.  Models tend to have physical proportions that most normal females don't.  They'll even sometimes enlist the use of computers to assist in this... illusion.  I'll let you guess who "they" are.
MatX showed a good example of why we want better proportions in our mechs (at least in Gundams) occasionally. It actually affects the type of poses you can do with them.

Worth considering for future modders.