Saturday, January 8, 2011

Macross Fighter Collection #4

I've wanted to pick up a couple of these since I first saw them. I missed out on the first 3 series and now I've finally managed to snag a couple. Really... I saw a guy just come and pick up the whole box one time. Didn't leave any for anyone else to buy! I'm glad I got a couple but I got 3 stealth radome type of fighters and was a bit disappointed in that. So I just took off the extra bits and made them into normal fighters, so this is my squadron now. I don't think I'll buy anymore. They're nice little things to have around but they don't fasten to the base securely at all and will fall off the stand easily. Nice to look at but not really that fun to play with. Still though... I'm glad I have a couple now finally!

Well I'm off to meet ASM and Gaigun for some fun in Osaka! Have a great weekend!