Saturday, January 1, 2011

Flickr Re-Activated!!!

Originally uploaded by Busterbeam
First change I'm making to this blog in 2011 is making Flickr active again. I think Flickr might have been a big thing that was driving traffic to this site and I basically ignored it during 2010. It basically only costs $2 a month and that's something I can afford so I went and bought two years worth so I'm good until Jan 1, 2013.

There's that and the fact that all of my old galleries and stuff where still there but hidden (because I became a regular user). That's all back to normal now that I'm a "PRO" again. So go and take a look. I just dumped a whole mess of new photos on there so I'm up to nearly 2000 now.

I do have one small request of you. When you look at a photo, I would dearly appreciate it if you would tag it if you can be bothered, IF you have a Flickr account yourself.  It's not an option for me to open it up entirely to the public. It's too much effort for me to do them all on my own. I'll leave it up to your judgment as I'm sure most of you wouldn't do anything malicious. But something as simple as just typing the "infinite justice" or "sinanju" would be enough. Also tagging whether it is 'hg' 'mg' 'art' or whatever.  Also if you see your work or know the source please feel free to add a website address to the picture!

I'd like it so that my album could be a good reference point for people who are looking for photos of Gundams so it would really help if most were tagged appropriately and accurately. Any help you can offer with this would be greatly appreciated! I've unlocked the tagging function so it's open to all of you now.

Thanks in advance for your help! Please enjoy the photos!