Monday, January 3, 2011

Exit Strategy 2 - Sinanju

Z mentioned that when he was feeling down this summer he stayed away from posting so that his negative attitude wouldn't come out in his posts.

I'm not exactly feeling down like that (life is pretty damned good!) but I do feel that just because something isn't positive doesn't mean that it needs to be ignored.  It just doesn't need to be dwelled upon.  So let me apologize now for some of the posts recently that have been a bit "melancholy".  It's just... well... it's just that time in my life now! haha  It's only natural that I'm going to be sentimental at this time!  AND I'm still staying on topic!

Anyway, I tried to re-pose the old boy but I forgot how brittle and fragile he is.  Fell apart in my arms.  Sad...  I kept looking at him thinking, "I really loved you...".  Ah!  The memories.

Enamel poisoning... I didn't know any better.  Mistakes of youth and inexperience.  The joints have just been eaten away and it's going to take repair work beyond my current skill set to resurrect him.  Someday down the road I'll come back to him but when he sees the light of day again he'll be little more than a statue.

But I only need him to be just that.  He alone has brought more non-Gundam fans over to my side than any other model I own.  Anytime I had a guest over and they looked at him the quintessential reaction was either "Did you make that?!" or "Is that what a Gundam is?!"

Girls would take pictures of it on their cell phones.  Pride.  I have some pride concerning him.  I can't just leave him to wallow in darkness but for now...  So long old buddy.  OYW will be your torch bearer until we can be re-united again.

Yeah I could take more care with the packing but... he's going to be getting another overhaul down the road so...  I'm just going to let it go.


  1. Phew! When I read Enamel poisoning, it took me a few rereads to realize it was the MSN-06S you were talking about. Thought you were telling us that there were some health complications during His construction. (He really was a beauty of a design; the colors worked wonderfully, too. Too bad it was that kit that taught ya', and not a cheaper or less rare kit.)
    OYW Gundam, you've got a God to bear on those shoulders. Maybe get a Powered Red-style upgrade?

  2. oh shit! that would be crazy!!! i'd love to see a design for that! i guess i would be the first?!

  3. If it is going to be a statue, how about something along the lines of a Sinanju Nightingale? Grab some pla-plates and hack away at it! You can do it! The next evolution of "disgusting meticulous" Gunpla Addiction :D

  4. Wow, that Sinanju's been your blog mascot for a long time. Shame to see it in that state.

  5. z - nightengale! wow. what a beast that would be! interesting idea.

    tom - i know eh. thats how it goes sometimes!