Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ANA Gundams

Looking at this I can't help but feel really lucky. ASM hooked me up with the RX-78 in August during the 1/1 pilgrimage. He bought the 00 for me later but him and Gaigun split the cost and gave it to me as a going away present! The generousity!

Thanks guys! I REALLY appreciate it! It's so beautiful! The O Raiser is also built but isn't featured in this pic.

Note: The kit comes with a simple 3 part stand that should be standard in every HG from now on in my opinion. It's so simple I don't see why they wouldn't do it. Cheap and effective.

Anyway I love this kit.  I have a bit more love for the 00 after building this.  I also have a lot more love for extra finish kits.  Nubs are a pain but the overall look compared to the work put in makes it worth it to me.