Friday, September 17, 2010

ANA Gundam!

My trip to Shizuoka to see the 1/1 Gundam netted me my two newest and now favourite HG's.  ANA Gundam and the Eco-Pla Mk.II

Props to ASM for hooking me up with this!  You are awesome!

Just look at this thing!  I love it!

Hell yeah!

Notes:  It's actually impossible for this kit to hold anything in it's left hand as it only comes with a left fist.  I put both fists on my Eco-Pla Mk.II (which you all know).  I used the GM Quel's left hand here so it can hold the beam rifle.  Outside of the fists, what's pictured here is everything that you receive with the kit.

The decals are very sticky stickers.  I didn't use mark setter or softer out of fear of ruining the finish.  The decals stick with the slightest touch so you have to apply them gently.  They're somewhat tough so they won't tear easily but caution is recommended.  I suppose you can say that of any decaling process though.

It's already lined in silver in some of the white parts and it's impossible to clean of the nubs/seam lines without damaging the finish so, in my mind, this is technically a 'completed' model.  I have no intention of doing anything else to this Gundam.