Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Zeta Gundam Movies

I just watched the first one last night and I have to say... Wow!  I actually tried to watch it years ago before I knew anything about Zeta or even 0079 for that matter and I just ended up falling asleep.  Probably because I watched it at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon while waiting for my gf at the time to get off work.  Wasn't really into it.  But I watched it again last night (at a friends request) and I was totally blown away!  It's SO good!  Of course they skipped a lot but they kept the best/most important parts in there I think.  It was 2h of solid entertainment!  At least I think it was 2h.  I can say this now after having watched both Mobile Suit Gundam and Zeta Gundam in their entirety.  
Whereas I could only watch the Original Gundam movie trilogy in sections (about 30 minutes at a time.  It was kind of repetitive and the old style animation didn't really do much for my modern sensibilities)  the first Zeta movie was an action packed 2h and totally worth it.  It blends new style 2005 animation techniques with the original Zeta animation from 1985.  Very impressive and highly recommended if you're a UC fan.  Then again... If you're a UC fan you're probably saying "Damn this guy is just watching this NOW?!".  Yeah...  I know.  Check out this clip!  So good!  I love seeing old style UC done with modern techniques!  They should have done this for the original series for the 30th anniversary of Gundam!  Maybe they'll do it in 20 years for the 50th?!

I gotta say... after watching the MS Gundam compilation movies and now the first Zeta Gundam movie... The whole series becomes much easier to understand (despite a couple of differences). I told my friend that it's good that she's seeing it like this. It's better than the original imo. Especially for beginners.

Did you watch the compilation movies of 0079 and/or Zeta?  If so how did you think they compared with the series if you watched those too?