Tuesday, August 31, 2010

HLJ VF-27 - WIP 7 - Wings

This is final step of the construction of the vehicle.  There are still some extras left to do but this is basically the end of the assembly process.

The parts in question.

This is worth noting.  I almost ruined the project here. I'm still not exactly sure how I got myself out of this.  I put the rod in first to test the fit and it got jammed a bit too far in.  I couldn't put in the wing piece because the rod was in the way.  It would not budge and as you can see here the connecting joint is thin and fragile.  It could break easily with a bit of forcing and that's exactly what I was doing.  I managed to push it out somehow... but try to avoid making this same mistake if you can.  Because once that rod is in... it's REALLY tough to get it out again.  You can kind of see my sweat on this piece from the amount of effort I was putting into it.

The details... the details that no will will ever see.  It's almost a shame.

Wing frame attached.  The main wing parts attach to this frame relatively simply.

More vents on the underside of the wing.  I've since painted this in Gunmetal.  The only way you can paint this is before you assemble it, so save yourself the time and just do it before you put it together (If you're inclined to do so.).

Thruster exhaust.  Couldn't let this go either.  I painted it in flat black.

And with that VF-27 assembly is finished but now the fun stuff starts.  Detailing, panel lining, top coat and probably the most time consuming part of this kit... DECALS.