Thursday, August 19, 2010

HLJ VF-27 - WIP 4 - Legs/Feet

Back to work! Was busy doing contest stuff but that's all done with now so back to the project at hand. I'm actually much further ahead on this project than this stage but I'm updating you all when time permits.

Was really looking forward to making this part in particular because it's quite a different design than the regular VF-25.  I would love to paint this in some type of metallic colour when time permits.  Considerably more parts the the standard VF-25 foot.
Lots of movement and more stable than the VF-25 foot.
Lot's of mechanical details to bring out if you're inclined to do so.
Hip joint.  Very large range of motion here but later gets constrained considerably when the armour is applied.
Would love to paint this!  It would never been seen though!
I knew this would happen but I did it intentionally to show why sanding can be troublesome with Macross kits.  If you sand too much the surface area won't line up with the adjacent piece.  It's a minor thing but... if you're reading this you're probably a perfectionist similar to myself so it's probably relevant to you :)
Another thing to be careful of with Macross kits is pegs that look like nubs.  Do NOT cut these.  They are important for the transformation system and to keep the different forms locked into place.
Reasonable amount of parts.
Love these legs.  Beautiful lines.
Locking mechanism to extend the ankles out for the different transformation modes.  Small but very important.  That's basically the underlying principle of this kit.  Everything matters.  Well almost everything (outside of the horns on the head).