Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Worth of a Machine

This is my entry into the 2010 Hobby Link Japan - Playing with Plastic (VIDEO) contest.

I made a 3 minute copyright friendly version here that's significantly less interesting but in accordance with the rules of the contest.  I gave that 3 min version one an audio track which can be seen here.  But this one is the "director's cut" which is basically how I would have made the video without the time constraints.

I spent a lot of time editing the dialogue but I might have still missed some things. A one man editing team is not recommended (if you noticed any spelling mistakes, outside of simultaneously and fulfilling please let me know!) . Either way I hope I left enough time for most of you to read what they're saying. Still, I wanted to keep the video length at a nice even number (5 min exactly) and still maintain a reasonable pace to the story telling.

Originally I was a bit hesitant to make this as it seemed a bit "daunting" but after I started... I got really excited about it and it ended up being a lot of fun to do! Sometimes you need a contest/deadline to excite the creative spark again. Even if I don't win I'm happy for the opportunity to make something creative again.

Hope you like it and feed back is, as usual, welcomed and encouraged.  And now I think it's time for a little "mental health" project to unwind from all of this!