Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I was thinking... now that I have a relatively large amount of free time, why I don't work on my plamo projects more.

Then I realized that I've kind of trained myself to only work on Gunpla at night after everything else is done.  It was kind of like my reward after doing a bunch of stuff during the day.  Time to relax I guess and just throw myself into that world before I go to sleep.  Mecha dreams!  haha

During the summer when the days are longer I feel like I should be doing other things during the day light hours and when night comes I often find myself out in the city socializing (city boy.  Can't help it.)

So despite the tremendous amount of free time I have, I accomplish surprisignly little as far as plamo goes.  That's unfortunate.  I really feel like I must be one of the slowest gunplars out there!  haha and I get distracted so easily too.  Just want to keep building.  Building building building.  I buy because I can.  And because they look cool.  There's so many things I want to do but realistically..?  Yeah I say that but I'm not going to stop.  I'm an addict.

During my Sinanju days I'd commit the time.  Commit the time... I just really wanted to see the finished product.  I was impatient so I pushed.  Now I'm just so relaxed and have set my pace up that I don't rush anything.

I'm not saying that I want to change as I'm quite happy with my life right now just the way it is but it is something worth noting.  I was unintentionally limiting my Gunpla time because I've set it up as a type of reward mechanism.

When do you like to work on your models and for how long does a 'session' usually last for you?  Just curious to hear how other people do it.

Now... can't have a post without pics so... here's an old one from back in the day.  People who've frequented this blog from the beginning may remember this one.