Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today's loot! Combat san!

Well I did it finally. I don't come across the Combat san's so often so I decided to pick it up this time. Particularly after seeing Gaigun get Pest X san and seeing ASM get Hoi Hoi san long ago, I wanted to be part of the group so I went and got the last one for myself.  So the triangle is complete now.
Up until a few minutes ago I had no idea what the story was concerning these... machines. Now that I've learned about them I have to say that I like them WAY more now. Basically they're mini cleaning robots designed to kill bugs! But Combat san recognizes Hoi Hoi san as an enemy and Pest X san recognizes Combat san as an enemy! Pretty light hearted fun. Check out the OVA! It's quite good! Man I'd love to have a real one of these to help me with the bugs in my apartment! And it doesn't attack spiders! Even better!

I never really liked Hoi Hoi san and Pest X san that much but I did take to Combat san a bit more because of the black hair, the red eyes, the saluting pose and the energy weapons. The model name (RRX-7.8) is also quite similar to the original Gundam, probably intentionally. Now I have my very own mini maid/bug killing/interceptor robot! It like a dream come true! haha. And with this I have now permanently cemented my place in otakudom. I never thought I'd jump from giant manly 18m tall killing machines to... tiny cute 10cm tall killing machines. I guess it's not THAT big of a jump after all.
The 2nd thing I bought was the VF-1A Egg Plane. I don't know why I'm moving toward the more 'cute' side of mecha these days (probably the female influences and opinions on my work coming into play) but ever since I first saw this Valkyrie Egg Plane I knew I wanted it. As a Macross fan I think it's a great thing to have.
1mm metal pipe to fix my broken RG RX-78-2 leg. Yes I broke it already.
And a Gundam marker for lining just because... why not. Looking forward to building both... someday soon I hope!