Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ebon Enforcer - The Saga Continues

Decided to enter this into the HLJ contest because I couldn't get anything new done in time. Here is the story of the upgrades.  Please see here  if you don't know the first part of the story.
As the battle with the Federation forces continued and with mounting loses on both sides, the Ebon Enforcer was forced into a more supportive role in battles as opposed to it's' standard role as an escort / long range detection unit for VIP's.
Through many vigorous sorties this Sinanju was put through it's paces and while completing all of it's missions successfully the results were less than satisfactory. The PsyCo-RPX system proved to be too taxing on the pilot and on the actual mechanics of the suit itself resulting in increased damage and deterioration of the frame material.  This happened particularly in exposed joint sections and in those places where the design of the suit itself wasn't that strong, specifically, small connecting rods that linked armour parts to each other or to the frame itself.
Because of this, the suit was sent in for repairs no less that 12 times resulting in a suit that performs suitably lower than baseline specifications. The left elbow assembly had to be entirely swapped out in a field repair and was never properly replaced due to time restraints, lack of parts and available resources.
However, before the problems with this Sinanju came to surface, special weapons for the unit were already in development. By the time the Ebon Enforcer project was discontinued the new weapon systems were online and ready for testing.
The primary and most noticeable armament upgrade is the bazooka. This bazooka has an extra powerful scope for extremely long range targeting. The real gem of the design however lies not within the bazooka itself but within the shells. Conventional nuclear and atomic weapons were banned under the Antarctic treaty but these shells are an experimental and highly classified new weapon known as a "LUMP" which stands for "Localized Ultra Magnetizing/Polarizing" shell. The LUMP's, in short, cause anything metallic within a 100m radius to be pulled towards the point of detonation. Each LUMP is a 'double' explosion, the first irradiates the local area with negative ions and the second explosion creates a ultra dense positive ion epicenter held together in a Feynman QED field.
This, in theory, would cause all mobile suits/armour within a given area (with allowances for distance, mass, velocity and direction) to either be immobilized, or slowed significantly. This would enable a secondary unit to pick off the suits with relative ease.
The shell amount is limited to 5 in the magazine and one in the chamber. Each shell costs roughly as much as one Geara Zulu unit.
The second upgrade is the main camera which is no longer a main camera but a highly powerful optical laser weapon. For the laser weapon to work all 3 cameras (2 on the bazooka, 1 on the rifle) have to be used for targeting. The range is unknown but the weapon has been shown to be capable of punching through a battleship's hull at a range of 500 meters in ideal conditions. Many miniaturized cameras for the 360 panoramic cockpit monitor have now been placed in numerous strategic positions around the mobile suit itself to substitute for the loss of the main camera.  All zooming and targeting function are now done through the weapon scopes.
Laser power is fed from the main power line, thus enabling the pilot to use up their remaining energy reserves in a powerful blast or be most conservative with many short low powered bursts.
As of yet both weapons have yet to be used in actual field combat.