Friday, August 20, 2010

HLJ VF-27 - WIP 5 - Panel lines / Gundam marker

As this WIP will double as a tutorial of sorts I'm including some processes that I wouldn't normal show. Here I'm just going to show the most basic lining technique. For this I'm using a Gundam marker "fude" type which means basically that it's a 'brush' type of pen. The brush head is very small, easy to cover wide areas but hard to get individual lines.

Little details like this are scattered across the surface of the VF-27.  There are a LOT of them.  I can afford to use some different lining techniques on this.  You can see just above this part a small sharp metal tool.  This is an awl that I picked up and use for deepening panel lines.  I sharpen the awl before use on a small diamond dust cutting block that I picked at the same shop (Tokyu Hands).  It sounds expensive but it isn't.  500 yen or so.  I use it for my knives as well.
This is the marker I'm going to use.  It's not my favourite but it's what I had laying around.  I've since picked up a 'pen' type marker which is more my style.
Before and after shots.  I just tried to get black ink into all the crevasses.  I wasn't too concerned with neatness.  You can later wipe the excess off with a cotton swab, cloth or tissue. Thinner isn't really necessary right now for a small section like this. I just use my fingers and my natural skin oil. 
Feel the plastic. 
Love the plastic. 
Be the plastic.
Here's the difference.  The lines are really thin and subtle but I think most of us can agree that it looks better with the lines.  I personally prefer darker and deeper lines that are really easy to see but others prefer a more subtle look and use brown and gray ink for their lines (depending on the base colour as well).  This is a section of the plane that won't really be seen but I just wanted to show one way to do panel lines and bring out some of the detail of the kit.