Thursday, August 26, 2010

HG GM Quel - Eco Mk.II Upgrade

First I got the Advanced Hazel.  A design which I'd loved since day one.  After learning that it was based off of the GM Quel, a design which I also love, I decided to pick that up too.  Any of the Advance of Z HG's will come with some art on the inside of the box showing you all the combinations you can do with the different kits.  The Hazel with some of the Gundam Mark II weapons really intrigued me.  I decided that I'd get a HGUC Mark II someday (even though I already have the AEUG PG version, MG ver.1 Titans and the Musha).
I could go on and on about it.  And I will... just for a bit longer.  One of the the things I love about the Mk.II (and hate coincidentally) is that the suit itself has NO weapons.  Not one.  Almost every MS (especially prototypes) have a weapon built into the suit itself, usually head/chest vulcans. I like the fact that the Mk.II is a stand alone suit and doesn't necessarily have to be used for war fighting purposes.  But that's one of the things I don't like about it too.  It's defenseless.  It's a somewhat endearing trait... but not worthy of the successor to the original Gundam I think.  But we all know that the true successor really is the Zeta... even though the Mark 2 has more in common with the original.  Digression.
Anyway, very much looking forward to finishing this and having a triple photo shoot/parts/weapon mash-up with all the HG Titan's suits I have.  I'm good now I think.  The HG Mark 2 was the last piece of the puzzle and now my collection is complete.  SO glad it's the Eco-Pura version too.  Finally, a truly black Gundam.  Finally realized.  That was the whole reason I liked the Titan's Mk.II initially all those years ago.  Not that the navy blue put me off but navy blue is NOT black.  Stoked about this!  Can't wait to paint it!
Yeah it's dark.  But that's exactly why I like it! The GM Quel looks so much more powerful now!  Here it is with Mk.II's shield, rifle, bazooka and backpack along with it's own basic shield.  This is truly one of the things I love most about Gundam. The mixing and matching of parts and weapons to create something new or unexpected.
Lovely surprise at the 1/1 Gundam.  Didn't know they were selling this.  I think it's about the same price as a regular HGUC Mk.II.  As the name implies, Eco-Pura is just Gundam's made with recycled plastic from the hobby factory.