Tuesday, September 7, 2010

HLJ Playing with Plastic Contest Winners.

I'm sure most of you have seen it already but if you haven't check it out here.

After looking at the winners I realized one thing.  I was in WAY over my head! LOL!  There are some really powerful modelers out there!  I can't hope to compete with them at my current skill level.

I mean just look at this!  That water is amazing!

However it got me to thinking... If you spend a long time on something and it's really good there's nothing stopping you from entering it into multiple competitions.

Anyway congrats to all the winners, including fellow bloggers, Z for his MG Blue Frame, Don at DC23 Mech Arts for "The Graveyard" and MatX for the Ice Queen. Totally worthy!  Definitely don't mind losing to this caliber of modelers.  Top Coat/Photo/Pose King and Gods of Kotobukiya Extra Parts and Pla-Plate respectively.  Well done gentlemen.

Some of the runner's up were very impressive too!  Definitely worth a look!

But to all of you who didn't win, I haven't forgotten about you.  Here's something from me to you.  Good job guys!  SALUTE!