Thursday, September 2, 2010

PG Strike Freedom Gundam - Commentary

Everyone knows that this is coming out in December. The purpose of this post isn't to inform you of the release but to talk about how awesome it's going to be.  Those who frequent my Facebook page have had a preview of this already.
I believe personally that this is going to be the best PG ever. I had reserved that title for PG Strike but I believe that this will supplant it. The first PG designed by Katoki Hajime. And correct me if I'm wrong but I believe this is the first time he's even touched a MS from the Seed/Destiny line.
Katoki has NEVER let me down. As far as I'm concerned he's King Midas. And the fact the Strike Freedom is the successor to the Strike (and I use that term loosely) should hopefully indicate that the Strike Freedom should be a better model than the Strike considering how far modeling technology has come in just a few short years. 6 to be exact.
First let me say this outright. I'm not a big fan of the Strike Freedom. I think it's overpowered and unrealistic (if such a word can really be used when talking about 18 meter tall robots). I can't imagine any suit defeating it (in the Seed Universe) and it is, indeed, undefeated in battle.
There's just too much going on... I've never been a big fan of suits like that. I'm a grunt/mass production guy. But at the same time I recognize how popular (extremely in some cases) this suit is. It is quite majestic actually.
Combined that sense of glorious-ness , Katoki's design, new modeling tech (look no further than PG 00 if you want to know what I'm referring too) and all the possible additions for this kit (wings of light, display base for the dragoons, clear parts, plated parts, Oh God please let it have a gold plated frame!) and it has the potential to be something epic... Which I'm predicting it's going to be. Something the likes of which none of us have ever seen or will likely see in the near future because there are a scant number of kits that have this kind of potential. Actually I can think of only one and this is it.
There will no doubt be some extras for those who choose to pre-order and there may be some extra stuff in the box as well. Time will tell but I'm going on the record right now and saying that this will be a PG for the ages. Possibly one that sets a new standard, thus changing our definitions of what we think "Perfect" grade models are. This is going to be a best seller. Especially if they can keep the price reasonable (as in under 15000 yen). I, personally, am willing to go up to 20000 depending on how it looks and what it comes with. 
I'm predicting big things for this model.
Watch. You'll see.