Sunday, January 3, 2010

Women and Gunpura - Round 2

Perhaps a re-occuring topic at this blog.

Thanks to everyone who commented in that last post. I read my gf some of your comments and she was very surprised at a lot of your reactions because she thought that it was something normal to do. You give the people you care about something that they like for Christmas. It's really that simple to her. And I suppose it is to me too.

But some of you mentioned how your gf or mother dislikes the fact that you are into gunpura. And I started to wonder... what makes it such a bad hobby to begin with?

Is it too otaku? Would it be better if we built tanks or airplanes instead? Would that be more acceptable?

Even though I live in Japan I rarely outright tell people that I'm into Gunpura even though many people know what it is. I tell some of the men because I automatically become more 'Japanese' and thus more approachable. That works with women sometimes too because I usually get an automatic reference to their father or ex-bf or something.

I tend not to talk about it in public unless someone asks me directly. It seems as if there's a stigma attached to it at times?

Anyone else our there feel that way? One final question out there to all of you and I really want to hear your opinions on this.

Why on earth do so many women (regardless of race, culture or ethnicity) hate Gunpura so much?!

Finally a couple of up to date pics of my progress on my X-Mas models. Exia is finished. Just need two more LR41 batteries to finish off the GN Drive. Zplus C1 is getting there. Lotta pieces for that guy. Way more difficult build than the Exia but that should be expected considering it transforms.