Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Has it been 2 Terran orbits already?!

The earth has gone around the sun 2x since I started this blog (yeah I could just say years but... I guess I'm just dramatic like that XD) and the day passed without me really noticing it. I didn't plan anything special for the 2nd Anniversary of this blog. Not like last year. There are a couple reasons for that. 1) I've been ****ing busy this month. 2) Is your 2nd year anniversary really that big a deal?! Not to me really.

Recently I've been thinking about what I actually accomplished with Gundam in 2009. Outside of my Sinanju... not much. But that certainly didn't stop me from buying stuff.
Which leads me to my next problem. My ever growing backlog.

I decided long ago that I wouldn't think of it as a backlog. Even if I were to miraculously find the time and willpower to finish all of these models... I wouldn't even have a place to display them all. I decided that my models would be something I'd do over time no matter how long it takes... But with 20 plus models and with me finishing about 1 a year... Even if I don't buy ANOTHER gundam kit EVER I won't finish until I'm about 60! No joke. Those are the numbers.

But you know what... I don't really care. Even if I were to buy them and then throw them away, destroy them (heaven forbid) or even give them away I wouldn't be losing that much money. Under 10000 yen and God knows I've wasted more than that on worse things. So I don't really care that much about things piling up.

I'm tempted to just take an unfinished model outside somewhere, pose it, take a couple of pictures and just leave it there for fate and destiny to take care of.

Still though... I'm very motivated now to finish a model and I'm sure it's going to be Infinite Justice next (based upon the poll. Thanks to all who voted!).

I want to make something really solid this year. Hopefully before mid April. That's the goal I've set for myself and I think I can do it. I'm hoping I'm going to have a bit more free time in the first half of this year. Before the fall. I want to make something like this

A couple after market parts here and there, maybe even some custom decals. A bit of shading, light weathering. Nothing THAT crazy. Just some good clean modelling, you know what I mean?

However, I have set a new rule for myself and that's to not buy Gunpla unless it's from a special shop or if I'm using "points" and am not paying in cash.
For example I bought the Hazel when I was at Fuji Q Highlands in Yamanashi. It's like a souvenir of the trip and I have memories associated with it. Exia, Zeta Plus C1, G04, RX-78 OYW and many others are like that too. I bought them at special places or they were given to me as presents. That I can justify. Each one of them kind of has their own story.
But a lot of models I just bought at my local shop on a whim or just because I wanted them. That's going to stop. So I'm going to have to wait until the opportunity presents itself to get the metallic coating Nu-Gundam, but I'm going to use my "points" to get the Red Frame ver.2.0.
Hopefully that will help.
Now I would like to take this time to thank all 50 subscribers and the 100 facebook fans who are reading this blog regularly. I appreciate your support and all of your comments. I really do like hearing peoples opinions about this hobby that I love so much. I am continually amazed at the growth of this blog and I like what it's become. I have big plans for it this year but I won't say anything about it now. You'll see the changes unfold gradually.
Starting the 3rd orbit. I wonder where I'll be come 2011?
Recap of the things that happened in the 2nd orbit. Blue for get, Orange for assembled/completed.
Jan - Sinanju work, giveaways, blog problems and falling in love with the Jesta
Feb - Picked up Mass produced Guncannon (assembled and started painting), GM Command, GM Cold Climate (which I gave away), Capsule Arios. More Sinanju work
March - In Tokyo for Tamashi Nation, PG Red Frame acquired, Sinaju work continues.
April - Mostly concerning PG Red Frame and Sinanju is finally finished. Get it's Rocket Bazooka
May - Almost all about the PG Red Frame
June - Various tutorials posted, HG comparisons (Nu vs. Hi Nu - Exia R2 vs. 0 Gundam) First stage of PG Strike Frame project finished.
July - Gouf Flight Type, 0 Gundam, Odaiba Gundam, XN Raiser acquired. Back to Canada where I can see the "Old Guard" again. They all get their pictures taken.
August - Introduced the "Old Guard". Working without flash. Odaiba/O Gundam simultaneous build. Working with the XN Raiser
Sept - Pimp My Gundam #1, Physics and the Nu Gundam, Mark Setter/Softer use. Odaiba 1/1 Gundam statue comes down. Tragedy
Oct - Gouf Flight Type built, entered the airbrush era, working on Sinanju rocket bazooka, lots of experimenting.
Nov - A lot shopping for random supplies, Unicorn Display Base acquired and assembled finished the Rocket Bazooka.
Dec - Repairing Sinanju and upgrading the eye, best Zeon MS design, HGUC Unicorn (I didn't mention this. Sorry.) GM Command and Unicorn assembled. Exia and Zplus C1 both assembled the following month. C1 not yet but practically!
Some year!
But 2010... this is going to be a year for Justice. Infinite Justice.