Friday, January 29, 2010

Airbrush Set for Beginners

This is another question from one of my readers, so once again I'm relying on all of you out there to fill in the gaps. I am, by no means, an airbrush expert but I did manage to get my hands on a relatively cheap one that did the job for me.

* * *

hi my name is kojak and i have just recently started to read your blog. i find it very interesting and i am glad that you are able to update so frequently. like a mentioned before i have just frequently started reading your blog as well i have only recently started to take gunpla seriously. basically i was just wondering if you could answer a question for me. i have been looking into buying an air brush ever since i got my mg rx 78-5.i thought if i were to take it completely seriously that spray cans wouldn't be enough. so basically i was just wondering what a good starter set would be and also maybe what a super cheap super beginner alternative for an air compressor would be. i say super cheap and super beginner because i have looked into getting canned air and starter air brush set from testors. thank you for taking the time to read this.

-Kojak, Thanks for you E-Mail.

Well I can say that after doing a considerable amount of shopping for an airbrush myself I went for the cheapest, simplest, and quietest airbrush that I could find. Check out these posts. Preface and Beginnings. I also advise you to take a thorough look at the comments section because the other readers give a lot of good advice.

In short this is the one I bought and it's perfect for the type of work I want to do (Re colours, custom colours, shading and I can save on paint!).

It basically works like a spray can except with a different trigger. The trigger is pressure sensitive so the more you pull, the more paint you get. This can also be adjusted by the "paint limiter" on the top of the brush making it impossible for you to spray too much, if that's what you want.

The paint area can't be narrowed that much as far as I can tell. I managed to get it to just over 1 cm but I haven't really experimented with this at all. Never had a reason as I've only used it for blanket re-colours. I spent around 15 000 yen for the whole thing (AC adapter was seperate) but generally I have to say that I'm glad I have it, even though I don't use it that often (Currently. That will change soon I think.)

However I'd like you to remember that having an airbrush doesn't eliminate can usage forever. Sometimes it's just easier and quicker to give your parts a quick spray from a can and get it over and done with, without have to worry about mixing, thinning and then cleaning the paint from your airbrush. I hope that answers your question and good luck with the G05. My G04 is never far from my mind and I've enjoyed working on it. I'll finish it someday! I promise!

So does anyone out there use an airbrush? If so, which one and why did you choose it? Most importantly... How much did it cost?! Thanks in advance for your help.