Monday, January 25, 2010

New Unicorn Movie Promo Video - Watch it here

It's crap quality but it's enough to see and hear what's going on. I used some shareware software to capture it for all of you but didn't take a lot of time to mess around with the settings to make it nice. Not sure if that's even an option or not (I checked and tried but it didn't work) .

A lot of people outside of Japan said that they couldn't watch it. This will solve that problem at the very least. No one gets left behind! Especially my readers!

I accidentally uploaded the f'ed up version where my window re-sized automatically (don't ask why why) so I had to restart the video (sorry didn't edit that out. Forgot.). You can start watching from 1:16.

It really pains me as a perfectionist to post such low quality stuff but it's better than nothing (which is what a lot of you saw). Forgive me. Hopefully a better version will appear somewhere else soon. The quality is much better (smoother animation, better sound) at the official site mentioned in the previous post.

If you feel like downloading the file I made for yourself (not sure why but I'm putting the option out there anyways) you can do that here.

(whoo lotta brackets in this post!)