Saturday, January 23, 2010

MSZ-006 C1 - Zplus C1

Done. Gotta say I really like this model. It's way more complex than the Exia with a decent inner frame. The inner frame plastic (black) is a bit harder than the armour. This took a lot more time to build and clean but it fits together like a dream and is an impressive feat of engineering in it's own right. Katoki! You've done it again!

The beam smart gun is huge and... awesome! It's longer than the Sinanju Bazooka! Not to mention it's a fair bit taller than the mech itself.

With the beam smart gun equipped you don't have many options as far as poses go. This is about as good as it gets for this machine but what more do you need really? I'll save some of the more detailed shots for when I finish it up but here's a couple pics now.

Good points:

-Fits together amazingly
-Great transforming mechanism
-Bad ass beam smart gun
-Stable / Snug joints
-Fabric parts for a bit of extra detail
-Good proportions
-Decent articulation
-Clever beam saber placement (back of the hip beam cannons)

Bad points:

Fingers can't be separated (typical of older MG's and forgivable for a transforming suit. See MG Victory Gundam)
-Not a great amount of range in motion in the ankles and hips because of extra armour, transforming mechanisms, backpack and hip cannons. That said, the hip joints can be loosened courtesy of the transforming mechanism for increased range of movement but you'll have to trade that for a loss of stability. See the last pic. It has a wider stance because I unlocked the "crotch".
-Relatively bland colour scheme.
-Overly complicated with excessive parts (perhaps this couldn't be avoided but it seemed a bit much to me. Later MG's have had their build process and parts simplified considerably it seems.)
-A LOT of PC parts particularly in the legs.
-Limited poses possible

Overall I'd have to say that I recommend it if you're a Zeta/Sentinel fan. Or even if you're into transforming suits. As a MS alone it doesn't have much to recommend it besides it's one cool pose with the beam smart gun. There are much better MS out there if you're into posing and playing with your models, but if you just want it to stand there and look cool and transform it occasionally (if it all) then it's good. It's pretty cool and I like it a lot. It's going to look even better after I paint it. Like I mentioned before, It's a bit complicated but that has to be forgiven before of the nature of the suit and it's age.

Rating: 4/5