Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Changed some of the polls. I've decided on doing the Infinite Justice next (which unfortunately won't start up until March as there's just too much stuff lined up between now and then.)

I also consolidated the lists, plus added in some other things I forgot, plus my new purchase XD

Best U.C. Fed MS is going the way I'm thinking it's going to go so I changed that one too. After nearly 100 votes, the latter half of U.C. ran away with around 80% of the vote.

The Main Event topic was hotly contested and was an EXTREMELY close race but ended up with the 00 Gundam (w/o 0 Rasier w/GN Sword III) narrowly defeating Unicorn Gundam.

After thinking about it more... I think I've come down on the Unicorn Gundam side simply because of the technology. If the Unicorn could disable any of the numerous GN Condensers the 00 has scattered on the OUTSIDE of its body/armour that should, in theory, lower the 00's power supplies. The Unicorn, having 4 beam sabers, a high powered beam magnum, and hyper bazooka would be able to do that I think.

I predict a battle of attrition with Unicorn slowly dismantling the 00 until the finishing blow can be delivered. One lucky strike at either GN Drive or it's condensers and the 00 is sunk imo. Whereas the Unicorn can probably fight at high efficiency while taking high damage.

Unicorn, on the defensive, absorbs a lot of the damage with that I-field generating shield, lures the 00 in. Insane melee combat with 4 beam sabers at once plus head vulcans...

Yeah. I thought 00 but I don't anymore.

And for the record all battles are considered with the suits natural pilot in mind. So for the next poll (Hi-Nu vs. Strike Freedom) it's adult Amuro vs. Kira.