Thursday, March 12, 2009

MS-06SHAKU Zaku II - Yumiko Shaku custom + Universal Century Uniform Fashion Show... for women?!

I recently found out that a Japanese idol that I've had a minor crush on for years is not only into Gundam but also had one specially made for her. She's also participated in the PS2 game Kidou Senshi Gundam Meguriai Uchuu/Encounters in Space as one the voice talents in the Japanese version.

She's actually been doing advertising for a Japanese realty company called Homemate which is how I was first exposed to her. I saw her on a commercial here years ago and thought she was really cute, but apparently she's been in the entertainment business for years and having her at the U.C. Fashion show was quite a big deal because she's so popular.

Yeah... U.C. Fashion Show. Take a look.

And because she's so well known she got to be the big boss herself(himself?), Char Aznable. Man... why isn't there more cosplay like this? Wow. I love some of those uniforms! Haha it's a sure way to win me over that's for sure lol.

Anyways, not only is she the same age as me (well I'm older than her by 3 weeks!) but she also had her own custom Zaku model made after her to promote the game apparently.

It's a bit... girly for me. lol. But hey if it brings more women into the arena then I'm all for it. "Make the models your own", that's my moto. Too bad I can't make this model mine. Oh well. It kind of gives me hope that not all women, Japanese or otherwise, look down on guys who are into Gundam or are confused by the interest (check number 23!). Ah... just something as simple as that can turn my day around. I can now dream again. Oh, did I mention that her exercise routine includes doing 300 sit-ups a day? mm...

OK enough of that. Now I will show you why I think she is cute and I would like to hear your opinions on this matter.

From her blog;

and this one is my personal favourite.

ah... *floats away*
So what's the verdict? Cute or not? Hot or not?